Top 5 Used iPhone Buying Tips

While you will certainly want to keep the notion of getting a good price when shopping for a refurbished iPhone in the back of your mind as you shop, do not assume that a great price is the only thing you need to consider. Extraordinary prices are certainly enticing when a consumer is checking out all of the options available, but all-time low prices are not necessarily an indication of quality in every instance. Other things in addition to the price factor need to be considered like the condition of the iPhone, whether or not there is any visible damage on the iPhone, whether or not the Phone is blacklisted, and whether or not the seller providing the refurbished iPhone has a reasonable return policy.

Tip1: Be Selective About Your Used iPhone Purchase

If this is your very first time investing in an iPhone, familiarize yourself with the various features that accompany the iPhone; this way, when you see all the offers out there, you will be able to know precisely what it is you are getting for your money. If you are not new to the iPhone buying experience and you are interested in upgrading your old Apple iPhone 4gb device of any other iPhone for something with more features and options, again familiarity with Apple iPhone offerings is needed. When a consumer knows what is currently available on the market, they are in a better position when it comes time to make their buying decisions.

Tip2: Verify FCC Compliancy of Used iPhones Since the year 2005

The Federal Communication Commission has implemented a regulation whereby all mobile phone devices must be GPS enabled. The reason for such a regulation is simple; when an emergency arises and the cell phone user dials 911 assistance, if the device is GPS enabled the individual placing the emergency call can be located. If, by chance, a consumer gets a used iPhone that is not GPS enabled, then the item will not work. Therefore, it is best if the consumer questions whether or not the used iPhone in question is FCC complaint and GPS enabled before paying for the device.

Tip3: Buy a used iPhone with a Verifiable ESN

All cell phones, including used iPhones, come with an electronic serial number. This number is needed in order to activate the phone that is purchased. If the ESN number is one that has been listed as stolen or lost, the used iPhone will not activate when the consumer goes to set up service. If shopping for used iPhones online, be sure to look and see if the seller of the device willingly offers the ESN number of the product they are selling. With an ESN number you can instantly verify whether or not the phone can be easily activated and if the phone is blacklisted.

Tip4: When Buying From Online Auctions Know the Seller

If you are electing to buy used iPhones from an online auction, you will find that it is easier to identify a quality seller than you might first imagine. When seeking an auction seller of a 4gb used iPhone, an 8gb used iPhone or a 16gb used iPhone make sure you take a couple of minutes to examine the feedback supplied by other buyers. Feedback will reveal to you how timely the seller responds to questions, how fast the item was shipped and received, and if the seller is reasonable to work with.

Tip5: Look For Signals that Suggest Poor Quality

When a used iPhone seller states in an iPhone description that the item is in good condition, but then later tells the potential buyer that the used iPhone is for sale in its present condition, “as is,” this is a seller’s secret code for “the buyer gets the used iPhone, warts and all, with no returns or guarantees.” This means that the seller probably suspects or fully knows that there is an issue with the phone in question, or the seller suspects that something will go wrong with the phone in the near future. Rather than dealing with returns, guarantees, exchanges and refunds, the seller uses the terms “as is” to protect him or herself. Thus, when seeing a used iPhone for sale as is, it is better to seek out a different offer.

If you are shopping for a refurbished iPhone, look for a dealer or distributor that supplies a return policy. This is vital whether you are buying a refurbished iPhone in person from a dealer and especially if you are ordering an iPhone from an online seller. Once the item is received, it should be examined, assessed for damage, and tested. It is imperative that the consumer ensure that he or she understands all of the regulations presented in a refurbished iPhone seller’s return policy.