Panasonic ES2207P Shaver – Allows You Both Dry And Wet Usage

Ergonomically shaped for comfortable hold the Panasonic ES2207P measures 150mm (h) x 53mm (w) x 46mm (d) and weighs 150g.It is fully rechargeable and can be used wet or dry. The charging stand plugs conveniently into a wall socket without the need of trailing cords.The Panasonic ES2207P foil shaver features 3, independently moving heads to closely follow the contours of the legs and body, designed to give a smooth, even shave.

The Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver for ladies is among the very few electric shavers that have been custom designed for ladies. The shaver allows you both dry and wet usage. You may even use it in shower with soap lather or shaving gel.

The Panasonic ES2207P comes with super-sharp blades that are also hypo-allergenic. The blades lower any irritation on sensitive skin, making way for greater comfort while shaving. The shaver has also proven effectiveness on the bikini area. You can depend on it both for clean shaves and shapes.

For such an ease electric shaver, the ES2207P packs a couple of peculiarities that may astonish you. The triple cutting edge shaving framework is a decent example for you. The three freely coasting heads make an average showing of whacking hairs in one pass, actually when they lie about covered up close to your bends.The four razor sharp edge twin head shaving framework in the ES2216PC helps much more. Additionally, the ES2207P fails to offer the turning capacity of the ES2216PC. Along these lines, the marginally higher-end model gains a somewhat higher score around there. ES2207 has a hypo-allergenic stainless steel razor sharp edges, almost same as the ES2216PC. That helps both razors give a safe shaving knowledge for good.

Panasonic ES2207P Cleaning

For cleanliness and convenience, we recommend that you clean your shaver with water and a liquid hand soap. Regular cleaning will keep your shaver in good condition while preventing odors or bacteria from developing, and maintain the cutting performance. With the outer foil in place, apply some hand soap onto the outer foil. Turn the shaver on and turn off after few seconds. Next, press the outer foil frame release buttons to remove the outer foil.

This is a best electric shaver for women in the under $40 category. It should do the job you are looking for, and it is specifically designed for those with more sensitive skin. The floating system, its rechargeable nature, and the fact that it comes equipped with both clippers and foil make it a great, all-around razor. It can be used on all body parts with equal success, and it offers a comfortable, uniform shave every time. Its only true con is that it can pull the hair a bit if it is not fully charged and the hair has not been clipped down prior to using the foils. This little problem, however, is completely avoidable.

So, that’s all I have shared review about a great Women Electric Shaver from Panasonic. Just use it and share your review in comment and we will update that in Customer Review Section. Just share us if you love while reading us. One thing more I want to tell you that don’t use Men’s Shaver . It’s not good to use Men’s Shaver.